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Game developers
Chris de Jong
Task: Lead Programmer / Lead Mapper / Project Leader

Hi! I'm born in 1991, and living near the German border, in the Netherlands. Currently I'm the project leader, lead mapper and lead programmer.

I started mapping when I was about 13 years old, with a game called 'Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy'. It's based on the same quake engine as the Half-Life 2 engine, so switching from JKJA to CounterStrike 1.6 wasn't too hard.

Since then I've learned a lot, including programming.

Thomas Reinink
Task: Lead Modeler

Just a random fellow with a creative brain. Also Born in 1991 and also live near the Germans.
I'm the lead modeler for Avery, this means I make the details in the map (mushrooms, windows, etc).

I've been modeling since I was 11 years old, wasn't that active back than but about a year ago I got excited again, I made some models for school and made some games with the Blender game engine.

I've also done some simple mapping for Call of Duty 2 and 4 and I'm also a web designer
More information about me can be found on: www.Toastedatoms.com

Sebastiaan de Jong
Task: Modeler
Ivon Göttgens
Task: Mapper
Site developers
Renée Evertzen
Task: Site Developer

I'm born in 1993, and I'm busy with developing of this site.
Unfortunately, our school makes us do a lot of things, so I'm a bit busy with doing all that.
But because I need some relaxation I swim, I play games, and I am chatting with people I like=)
I dream of going to America in the Christmas holiday 2010, but I don't think my parents allow me.
Therefore, I'm already making plans to go to Hongkong in the summer holiday of 2011.
It's far away, but I like the vision of it!

Jeanne van der Waal
Task: Research

I'm born in 1992, and I'm kind of the one in the group who knows practically nothing about
game developing and site building. I chose to follow computer science for a lack of something
better, so not because I was really interested or something.
Despite of that, I try my best to be a bit useful in this project.

So my hobbies are not game developing or site building, but to meet my friends and have fun,
to act crazy with my sisters, to play soccer and to party every Saturday night!

Music / Sound animations
Johan Karlsson
Task: Sound Artist
The Avery Project, 2009-2010.
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