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Char stats:
- Strength (STR); physical damage increase.
- Resistence (REC); physical defense power, shooting defense power and HP increase. HP = Health Points.
- Dexterity (DEX); Physical and shooting attack power increase. As well as rate of evasions, success rate and SP. SP = Special power
- Intelligence (INT); magic attack power increases
- Wisdom (WIS); magic defense power, magic accuracy and MP increase. MP = Magic Power
- Luck (LUC); critical hit rate, critical damage and critical evasion rate increase.

- Archers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature. Archers tend to be wise, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled woodsmen. Many are skilled in stealth, wilderness survival, and tracking. Archery and swordplay are common to archers, though there are many instances where archers use a variety of weapons, skills, and sometimes magic or have a resistance to magic.

- Healer/Priest/Oracle are wise in medicine and apothecary. They know the herbs and simples that can restore vitality, ease pain, anesthetize, and neutralize poisons; and with their instruments, they can divine a being's state of health or sickness. Their medical practice earns them quite reasonable amounts of money, with which they enter the dungeon.

- Elementalist/Mage is an arcane magic user, and is considered less effective in mle combat than other classes.

- Fighter/Swordsman/Samurai is a man who works with melee attacks, which means that you work with a normal weapen, so you need to be close to your enemy. You can't attack from a far distance. This class is very strong against close enemies, but not with enemies attacking from a far distance, like Archers or Mages.

We don't know which classes will be used right now.

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