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- Quests
Quests are special tasks that you can fulfill if you want to, most of the times they aren't compulsory. The good point about these tasks is that they give certain rewards that can be quite valuable. Think of rewards like ammounts of EXP, money or items that you can use to upgrade your character.

- PvP fighting
Pvp Fighting stands for Person vs. Person fighting. This means that you can meet someone from the opposing side and fight that person. There are certain areas for this, so it won't be possible to encounter dangerous forces in other areas than those mentioned. Just be careful in the borderlands, you can run into an ambush really easily.

- Trading
In order to earn money you can either get it as a drop from enemies, but you can also earn money by selling Loot you get from the enemies to merchants. You can find these merchants all over the map and they will give you gold in return for the stuff you don't need. So you can empty your inventory and you even earn money by doing it.

- NPC’s
NPC's are non playable characters that will provide you with information, quests, and some of them have the ability to be a merchant.

- Chatting
In order to talk with the other people that run around in the Avery world we gota pretty nice chatting system. Just press T , then fill in what you would like to say and press T again. Be careful though, everyon can read what you say.

- Friends
There is a possibility inside the game to add the people you meet on a friend list. So you can always find them again when you're online. This way it's easy to party up with other people whom you have met before.
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