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A long long time ago, to be more precise, I’m talking about the year 758. The year 758 was a time when the people and the mystical creatures of Avery were still living peacefully together. The Dwarfs and the Humans helped each other out in every way possible. When one another was in need of food they shared their own parts equally. And when enemies would threaten their territories they’d join in a battle against all evil. How could they expect that their peaceful lives were about to change drastically?

5 years later… After the flood in May of the year 763 every person in Avery that survived had to fight for the food that was left. At each side there was one person that was meant to be the leader of the group. At the side of the Humans it was a 17 year old boy called Eiran, whose name means the Watcher. He’ll continue to watch over his people until this long battle will be over…

On the other side, the side of the Dwarfs a 132 year old dwarf was chosen to be the guardian of his people. He was called Udi, which means ‘join together’. He’ll be the Guardian of her people and help and protect them till the end of times….

The effects of the flood were still noticeable; whole countries were different and the fauna and flora had changed drastically. But there were several other things the people were surprised about… Totally new species had appeared all over the world. Think of Goblins that were living in a cave that wasn’t even there before, or dragons in a wide open field. Also there was the fact that the light of the day didn’t seem to end anymore. The night had disappeared from their lives. The mysterious force, that seemed to be behind these changes and that seemed to be behind the arrival of the two helpers, frightened the people of Avery as they had to continue living their lives.

After a lot of the years the battle between two sides still hasn’t ended. The final question is…Will you join this battle to make either side defeat the other? Help Eiran in his battle to defeat the mystical creatures terrorizing the world. Or choose to be with Udi, and join the Dwarfs in their battle for glory and peace.

The Avery Project, 2009-2010.
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